This work deals with notions of cultural reapproriation. To exemplify it, I use the figure of the hermaphrodite for a confused, both passive and active persona. Leading me, then, to questions of progeny, an the possibility of giving life.

Designed as a Techno event, the piece takes place in an old factory, and is composed of an installation, a lecture/sound performance, and two videos.

In the center of the exhibition, is printed on transparent plastic sheets, a frog with both a male and female sex, and in the middle of the composition, a young baby is surimposed on a portrait of my face.
On the edges of the frontal curtain, are diplayed cheap items find on the web, which all refers to techno culture, on the other curtains is displayed the text of the performance.

Through transparent pipes a green liquid, relates all the pieces of the exhibition, like scarecrows or dummies, that wear clothes with techno logo on it. Some tadpoles are also painted on it, the same ones as in the video.

After the lecture, a friend is invited to set up a two hours long mix of techno music, in which I interfer by playing effects refering to musical awakening for childs.

Performance / Installation / Video, 2017. 

Hermaphrodite Dialogue#1 The Birth