«Techno Events for Hermaphrodites» deals with notions of transgression through cultural reappropriation. To exemplify it I use the figure of the hermaphrodite for a confused, both passive and active persona. Leading me, then, to questions of descendance.

Designed as a Techno event, the piece take place in an old factory, and is composed of an installation and a lecture/sound performance.

The installation comport three transparent plastic sheets on which are printed a figure of me as a hermaphrodite, techno symbols and the performance text, forming a triangle or a closed space, these three sheets, by their transparency, refers to a steril or a surgical room.

The lecture text, is divided in several parts, like chapters, they all begins by the word «Delivery» which double sens is the act of giving life and the act of receiving something that has been ordered online.

The text, then, in a fractured manner, flows from techno references and his reappropriation in art, to parralels with racism and other subjects in appearence unrelated.

The night ends up by a two hours long mix of techno music, interfered by sounds effects refering to chidlness and babycare.

Performance / Installation / Video, 2017. ( Performance captation soon uploaded )