Hermaphrodite Dialogue#2 The Spring Season

«The love season» is a 15 minutes long multi channel video,

that explore, through a fractured plot, a succession of artistic and philosophical dead ends.

The underlying overtones of the video are mainly dealing with sexuality, castration or sterility and keep the allegory of the frog as a running figure.

The position of the film is ambiguous, and lays in between still life footages and a staged studio shoot with three actors. 

As in my early performances, It is in a playful and funny way, that text is the link, between these several places, and characters. It goes as a flow, from one subject to another and transform itself, reinterpret itself while always failing in its aim to produce strong meaning.

The video ends by the dissection of a human-sized frog.

Video, 2017. 15 minutes.