Composed of seven banners, this work takes its inspiration from the aesthetic of christian’s contemporary representations, especially thoses that refers to modernist artists.

Indeed, it was by collecting church flyers and by doing internet searches, that I came to the conclusion that artists like Henri Matisse or Alexander Calder for his drawings, are one of the most commonly used reference in religious representations. Oftenly making obvious the joyfull colors and primitivism present in theyr work, but hijacking it by the delivery of a very religious message.

Thus, this mix of ideology is not free of meaning, and raises some bizarre contradictions that appeared through history, how some modernist artist that use to stands for an idea of progress and affirmation of the self through a break out from tradition, can be later incorporate in a religious mytho that only believe in happiness by a delegation of our own will to a superior entity?

From this vantage point, thoses Christian’s representations appears to be made of a double and contradictory message.

And this contradictory message is at the core of this project, how an affirmation of one self can be read as a submission of this self in the same time?

By reproducing this mixed aesthetic on my banners, I fully embody the same inherent dilemma. A dilemma that, by the use of certain sentences and symbols, I wanted to relocate onto the field of arts.

Questionning the self of the artist at an age where originality and signature-style is so highly requested if one don’t want to become invisible. So that the more the affirmation of the self is, on the surface, a strong and outsider-like aesthetic, the more it can be seen as submissive to the rules it tries to escape, a fear of becoming invisible.

Making more obvious the double blind that seems to be at the center of so many artworks is the aim of this work.

And humorously making more futile the little michiefs that should establish one self. A self that, by a succession of little demarcations, have becomes free from references, running on it’s own like an infinite spinning wheel.

« Jamais Assez Unique »