This project, was shoot in the begining of june, and still have to be edited.

The all project consist in a long film shoot, performed during 24 hours in a wasteland of Brussels and restage a Z.A.D (Zone to Defend) filmed in the manner of a reality TV (with a confessional, small shows, etc.). Five characters are present and for each of them, a tent on which I painted a celebrity (often of their choice), Lady Gaga, Maître Gims, Nicolas Sirkis, Jean Louis Costes, etc…

Filmed in a playfull way, poetry readings and small shows are sets and mimic different styles and aesthetics accordingly to the iconic figure choosen by the actor, theses small spectacles sometimes pervert, or contradict the original aesthetic, and sometimes just bring it somewhere else.

This project’s aim is to talk about the disparition of the «Carnavalesque», to humorously rebuild a space where iconic figures can be reappropriate, a place to restage the cathartic fonction of art, to reinstore a social fonction that have often been commercialy hijacked.

This is why, the film would oscillate between the representation of acting, and non-acting sequences, the daily activites in the camp are as important as the shows and poetry readings in order to bring out the ritualistic fonction of art, as in the Caranaval a way to transcend daily routine.   

A time element might also be added to the project, in order to signify that this film shoot is an eternal day in the ZAD, it’s a never ending day, an eternal circle.

Conducted in a DIY approach, the Reality TV aspect of the work will be backgounded, and appears only in the filmic manner. The final result would be the presentation of the video.

Many influences came to my mind while elaborating this project, like Mike Kelley’s Day is done project, or the works of Pauline Curnier Jardin. In a more theoric field, people like Mircea Eliade, Mikhaïl Bakhtine and Pacôme Thiellement.

Les Âges Sombres

Video work 2018