Designed for «Les Halles de Schaerbeek» and their event « Habiter le temps d’un rêve», which is a group show on the idea of the world as a village to create and live in.

I decided to work on the opposite way, and treat of exclusion and criminality related to art

For this, I have been reproducing, in an anthropomorphic scale the work of Jean Dubuffet: « La tour aux figures ». Inspired by his book «Asphyxiante culture» and by the strong and terriffiying souvenir this tower left me, as a child living nearby.

I also noticed that Jean Dubuffet describe this work as an external cavity,
This installation plays with empty spaces by dividing this tower in four parts, and inviting people to take place in between

On the back of each sculpture a quote evoke criminality in relation to art and a clay sculpture of the face of autor, apicture of the «gastrovolve», the inside motifs of this tower is also shown.


Performance / Installation, 2016.

Goodies conçus pour la performance

Imprimés placés au dos de chaque sculpture.