HERMAPHRODITE DIALOGUE, is an ongoing project started in 2017.
It’s now consisting of three projects and based on a narrative without plot, or a stable character, it is just related by the figure of an animal, a frog. Well known for his hermaphrodism, this allegorical figure expresses a sexual confusion, a both passive and active state.

The frog is for me, a clear symbol of powerlessness, the representation of a general complain, a complain that I see now dominating multiple fields of art.
Signs of sadness and trauma, are in my opinion often turned into value, This is why my approach of the frog can be read in different manners
I try to oscillate between parody, by the use of exageration, and a maybe more sincere approach.

Letting the viewer decide which game I am playing. As in many complaints that have becomes mainstream, they loose theyr value and fonction, leading people to guess if this is legitimate or not, and then turns people against each other, rather than against the original opression.
This is for me the figure of the Hermaphrodite.

This all project, goes through different cultural reappropriations, starting with a birth presented through a techno lecture/sound performance, then, it goes through a 15 minutes long video work staging several characters, and recently, a 5 minutes long rap video-clip.